Firoza Mala (Turquoise Rosary) Lab-Certified
  • Firoza Mala (Turquoise Rosary) Lab-Certified
  • Firoza Mala (Turquoise Rosary) Lab-Certified
  • Firoza Mala (Turquoise Rosary) Lab-Certified

Firoza Mala (Turquoise Rosary) Lab-Certified

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Product Origin : Iran

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Firoza Mala (Turquoise Rosary) 72 Beads 8mm

Is known to bring good luck and fortune to the wearer. Firoza Rosary beads, when combined, make one of the highly auspicious Rosary/ Mala. It is believed that Feroza stone represents planet Brihaspati (Jupiter). Jupiter is the planet of prominence and wisdom.

Firoza mala 72 Beads For Wear

Firoza(Turquoise Rosary) Mala also known as turquoise was originally found in turkey. It is the only that can be worn without worrying about the planetary combination of a person’s horoscope. It is known as a symbol of wealth in ancient cultures. It is best known for its remedial powers. It has huge demand for both astrological use and in jewellery. Thus nowadays it is difficult to acquire original and antique Firoza. It is an eye pleasing and pocket friendly gemstone with soft hue. It balances and aligns all the chakras and also stabilises mood swings. Feroza is found in many shades like apple green, greenish grey, greenish blue and other primary colours but the best color of firoza is sky blue colour. The best quality of firoza is that it protects its wearer from injuries, violence, accidents. It is said that Feroza changes colour or breaks down to warn its wearer of danger or calamity of infidelity. That is why Firoza is said to be the most efficient healer.

In ancient time, Firoza (turquoise) was said to be an instrument which created humbleness and kindness and was seen with great esteem. That is why it known as one of the protection amulet. Apart from well being Firoza makes its wearer mind calm and neutralizes his/her mood swing. It is very important as it has immense power and properties to heal various diseases. It absorbs all the negative energy and evil vibration. A person facing reversal in his/her love life should use this gemstone.

  • Turquoise is also known as a symbol of friendship.
  • It is a symbol of courage and hope. It ensures success in love.
  • Its charm saves the wearer from accidents and evil eye.

It carries great wisdom which increases growtem of compassion and increases wearer’s sensitivity and thinking power.

  • Astrological benefits-Firoza has got many astrological benefits like it gives peace of mind.
  • improves creativity & attractiveness. It removes misfortunes and bad luck and results in more health.
  • wealth, prosperity, name, fame, wisdom, honesty and strength. It enhances friendship.
  • love, communication and loyalty. It improves creativity and charisma of the wearer.
  • Who can wear-it is recommended for those who are seeking for conjugal happiness and those whose marriage has been delayed. Lovers can wear this stone as it very good for them.
  • People who want success in their career can wear this gemstone.
  • People who are creative and desire to get fame should wear this gemstone.
  • People whose sun sign is Sagittarius can wear this gemstone.
  • Apart from this, surgeons, businessmen, architectures, doctors, actors, engineers can also wear this gemstone as it is beneficial for them in many ways. Cinema and aspiring artist gains lot of confidence by wearing this gem.
  • If there is any compatibility problem between husband and wife or lovers then use of Firoza will prove to be more beneficial to them.
  • Disease cured-Firoza (turquoise) is the most effective gemstone which cures various health problems like throat infection, stress, anxiety, headache, migraines and fever. It also helps in curing female reproductive system. It is also used for improving various health conditions like acidity, cramps, asthma, infection, high blood pressure, gout, dental problem and rheumatism. It is widely used for treating depression, viral infection, heart problem and stomach problem. Thus it creates a feeling of liveliness and well being for the wearer. People having high temper can use this gem.
  • Method of wearing-It should be worn a particular day which is auspicious for the wearer. It should be worn on the ring finger in the morning after taking bath. One should clean the gem with milk, water and after worship one can wear this gem. Metals that can be used for it are gold, silver and copper.

When worn, Feroza Mala brings these attributes in our life. Feroza Mala / Rosary was worn as a protector against bad luck and evil spirits. Feroza/ Turqoise gemstone is found in various green shades such as apple green, greenish grey, greenish blue and the sky blue. Turquoise stones shield the wearer from harmful effects and attract friendship.

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